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May 20, 2023

April 27, 2023
Chicken pad thai, chicken balls, and cashew chicken are all delicious. I also had the spring rolls, which are good with the sauce.

April 23, 2023
Absolutely amazing

April 22, 2023
Very good!

March 31, 2023
Here's a Story about a a starving woman, a compassionate driver and a restaurant:
The rain pattered dreamily as she got up from her broken old lazyboy, for she saw the headlights pull up, the wavy silhouette of the driver perfectly following instructions to call upon arrival. Only an androgynous face and a cellphone through a windshield. The client dragged her half paralyzed body into her newly acquired free on Kijiji wheelchair.
Bank card. Check. Keys and fob. Check. Answer call. Check. It's a Lady. Awesome.
She wheels herself with obscene difficulty to The First Door. It's heavy. It's hard to open. All the muscles in her torso wobble with the effort. Her feet turn icy cold with confused neurological signals, but she won't use the fob. Her cat Loki would advantageously use the slow opening mechanism to escape into the hall where she would find the local children to play, but not tonight.
Wrestle the door open. Check. Loki in, me out, check. Fob button two. Fob button three and it's a goal ladies and gentlemen! The driver is in the building! She is GENTLE she is CALM, she GETS DOWN, PHYSICALLY to the clients level, picks up her phone when the woman's paralyzed hand send the poor android to another near fatal tumble! The driver helps her with The First Door! "I'll get it, I'll get it." The Driver asks to be of service in the placement of the food, ect! She plays with Loki the young cat, AND MAKES SURE I AM WELL AND ABLE TO ENJOY MY MEAL! We have JUST WON THE STANLEY CUP!!!

I suffer from and incurable neurological disease that is quickly destroying the nerves in my brain and spine. Whereas before I was studying for my bachelor's in Art at Concordia university, now, tonight, was the first time I was able to coordinate ordering food in 3 years because of brain damage. Before getting The Foods, I had eaten one meal in 4 days because of excruciating troubles swallowing, breathing, moving, you know, all that important stuff... I've only eaten a child sized portion of food tonight. It's all I can eat. AND IT WAS HEAVEN!!!
I know what it is to starve, not from want of food, but from disease, and now, my whole tiny mismatched art studio smells like the best 50$ Of food and service I have ever been offered.
To know the full story, including the phone ladies' patience while I attempted to communicate my order and exactly how beautifully the driver played with Loki the Tortoiseshell cat Queen, ask me. I'll tell you.
And what AM I eating anyway? Bet you'd like to know. Only 80 reviews? There should be 800 and if you get anywhere near my experience, that's 800x5 gold stars. You do the math. That's A LOT of stars!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

March 15, 2023
It was delicious!!

March 11, 2023
Always fresh and delicious

March 02, 2023
The pad Thai was very good
And I enjoyed the Wong tongs

February 26, 2023
The food was delicious!

February 03, 2023
The food was excellent and our order was ready right on time. 100% will order again!